Full Video Transcript

Hey everybody, my name is Winter and I’m coming to you from Alaska to talk with you today about my experience with Next Level.

When I first started which was only about three and half, four months ago, I was probably skeptical, maybe in the same shoes that you are going, "hey, is this thing real, is it legit?" And it is! So, I took the gamble, I went ahead and got the C920 HD webcam and I already had a ring light from making some hobby makeup tutorial videos to help me out in the lighting department and from there I was able to build on that. So, if you do have the ability to make that investment in it, I highly, highly recommend it because it will pay off in dividends. You’ll get what is called a Priority Placement so users can find you faster, come into your room and you can make that money. But, if not, Next Level does offer this great deal where you can get a webcam sent to you when you make $250 in a week as a bonus. And they will send you a C920 HD webcam, so that’s a wonderful little perk. If you don’t have the cash or a credit card that you can put it on right now, just know that that’s in the future.

Then they also have other little bonuses along the way to help keep you motivated and incentivized which is just fun.

But again, at the end of the day you are your own boss. So, if I want to cam maybe 5 hours that a week or something comes up and I can’t cam or I can’t get on, that is up to me. If I want to work 25 hours in a week, if I want to work 2 hours in a week, it’s me, I’m my own boss. But I’ve got to remember I’ve got those clients out there that want to see me, so if the customers can’t find me, they’re going to go find somebody else.

You definitely want to treat it like a real job and try to stay as close to the hours that you set as possible, at least that’s something that I found that might help you out. But whether you’re doing it because you want, you know, a little extra each week, you’ve got to pay bills, you’ve got to build up your savings account, you want to take a trip. You get paid weekly on Next Level and that’s something that’s different from every other site. Because every other site is either once a month or every two weeks or something like that, but his is money coming into your account every week.

Plus, their support staff is phenomenal, they will get back to you within 24 hours. So, if you have questions along the way or if something just pops into your mind like, "hey what about this", Next Level support staff gets back to you immediately. I don’t have that at any other site that I’ve looked at. Even just sending them emails saying, "hey what’s up with this?" Or "tell me about your site, what do I have to do?" So, that’s really great to know that you kind of have a partner in this as well as you’re getting paid.

It’s just been an overall fun experience. If you want some tips I would just say, remember you’re your own brand, you’re your own boss, don’t be afraid to say no, you do what you want to do in your own room. But be happy. Smile and enjoy it, at the end of the day you’re making money. To give you an idea about the money, for me personally, I am at a point where it could be as good as maybe $100 an hour, maybe upwards of that. And then, you know, I think on my worst days maybe like $45 an hour, so that’s still really good at the end of the day and the end of the week to have that coming in. That could be an extra $500 to a couple thousand dollars. But I didn’t have that a week and now I do.

So, for everybody out there if you’re thinking about Next Level, if you’re thinking about any other site, I would definitely give Next Level a chance because it’s a golden opportunity right around the corner for you. So, I hope this helps. Don’t be shy, go out there and kill it, have fun, smile and see what Next Level can do for you. Follow your dreams. Bye.