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Hi, good morning, my name is Vivian Neal. I have been on Next Level web modeling for about four weeks now.

I have in that time built myself up to bringing in around $100 a week. I started using my phone, an app on my phone to turn my phone into a webcam. And I'm currently right now after my bonus webcam, that they offer from Next Level for reaching $250 in one week.

I've been, like I said, I've been brining about $100 a week in and it's only gone up since the day that I started. I really do see the possibility of if I stick with this, and take the advice on the website, the tutorials, I really do see a path by which I can utilize this little side business to be the meat and potatoes income in my household which is what I'm after.

I have a lot of fun doing the job. I talk to different people every day. I feel like I really do provide a service, you know, knocking out some of the stress in the world and have a lot of fun doing it. So I wanted I felt like it was important also to mention, you know, my body type and the way that I look. I wanted you to see, you know, my perfect post motherhood body. So that you could get an example of what is, what is possible and understand that there are no limits concerning your body type as far as being successful doing the webcam modeling.

I'm having a great time. I'm out here building my brand. I took their advice about creating website and Instagram account, a Twitter account, all connected to the Vivian Neal name. Feel to check me out, favorite me, message me on the site. I'll do the same for you. And I'm building my brand, doing working hard to do that and I wish you guys luck in doing the same. Thank you so much and thanks for the opportunity Next Level.