Full Video Transcript

Hello Next Level Modeling. I’m Trippy, I danced in Florida for one month before COVID hit. I got a stalker landlord in Florida who chased me out of town. I didn’t have anywhere to live, I was in my car. The girls that I danced with told me to find a webcam job. I finally found a place to live in Oklahoma and I’ve had issues here. My landlord and plumber have been showing up unannounced and stalker issues because I’m single and I’m also 45, so they question my line of work.

I just did a Google search and put “Webcam Modeling Job” and up popped your website. I filled out the form, I didn’t have a computer, all I have is an iPad and a phone. So, I also didn’t have any air conditioning here, so it was really hot, like 100 degrees every day and I was dealing with issues just moving here. It took a long time to get started webcamming and I’m also at the strip club, I had some alcohol and it’s easier to just be free and dance naked and whatever.

Here I’m just drinking water and tea. I get a little bit insecure, but I think I’ve finally figured out, I put my air conditioner over there now, it’s a bit hotter over here, it was pretty loud for a while. I didn’t have a webcam, I did some searching and clicked on the link and they were all sold out. I looked in Walmart and I wasn’t sure if it was high enough resolution. I wasn’t sure what model to get so it took me a long time to get started and I’m still not as free as the webcam models that you guys see on your site.

I’m still learning how to perform and make the dudes feel comfortable. I’ve also been asked to do things that I wasn’t really comfortable with, so I’m learning how to say no or block the user if they get too pushy and also how to make the user feel comfortable, to be themselves, if they want to cross dress or play with taboos and it’s opening my mind up to a whole other level that I have not exposed to.

I didn’t even know that some of these things existed. I didn’t know what JOI is, Jerk Off Instructions and what’s a gold show? What do they do differently that they’re not doing right here, masturbating? Still trying to figure out some of those things. I’ve actually met some cool people and some of them it goes from super sweet and really, really shy, talking about the weather to really nasty and mean, humiliation, so everybody gets turned on in different ways and it’s all a mind game.

But what I’ve figured out is you just boil it down to safe sex. This is safe sex and if you don’t like something, you just say no. It’s good training for real life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.