Full Video Transcript

Stephanie: Hi, my name is Stephanie.

Chris: My name is Chris, we're from Texas and we wanted to let y'all know about experience with Next Level.

Stephanie: Overall, we say the experience has been great. They're always there. The support team is great to help.

Chris: They're really fast to respond as well, if you have any issues or something like that you can email them and they write back, and they'll help you with whatever you need.

Stephanie: Yeah, they sent the camera right away when we made our $250.

Chris: First week.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Chris: First week.

Stephanie: The money is there aslong as you're willing to go get it.

Chris: Yeah, it is.

Stephanie: I think on average when we first started it was like $34 or $35 an hour and sometimes it can be as high as $60 or $70 starting off. It really is just whatever you put into it, that's what you get.

Chris: Exactly.

Stephanie: They pay weekly, it's always on time, you never have to wait for your money to be deposited.

Chris: There are some people that want to change and have a more free lifestyle and do what you want to do without having to--

Stephanie: When you want to do it.

Chris: Yeah, exactly, that's the key right there.

Stephanie: I would say, this is it. It you're thinking about it and you're not sure you want to go into it, I would just say to give it a try and that's it.

Chris: Yeah. You aren't going to lose anything but the job you had because you're going to want to come in here and do it every day.

Stephanie: Yeah. Thanks.