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Sebastian: Hey guys this is Sebastian.

Roxanne: I'm Roxanne.

Sebastian: How you guys doing? We're doing a little tutorial on Next Level Modeling. So, how we got started, we used to work for another cam site and we weren't getting what we wanted from them, so we started searching and we wound up with Next Level. Let me just say, compared to the other cam site, it is absolutely night and day. They are absolutely great.

Roxanne: So true.

Sebastian: The support system is there. Whenever we need somebody and have it's there. The money, it is so much better. The first week we only streamed a few hours a day and we made about 500 bucks. Of course qualify for the high definition camera right away.

Roxanne: That was nice.

Sebastian: Yes, it definitely was very great and we're grateful for that. It came right away. We've always had the paychecks that we needed. Currently we stream, I don't know, maybe two hours a night.

Roxanne: Two.

Sebastian: And we're about $33, $34 an hour, which is absolutely great. We both have careers full-time, so we're only on part-time and let me just say that there are times that we're probably making more than what we do at our full-time careers. So it is great to have that extra revenue. It's great to have that extra income. You know, we could do whatever we want with it. We could come on whenever we want. Everybody's respectful. We haven't had any issues.

Roxanne: Nope.

Sebastian: The support team is there, we could block people if we want. But, overall, even our customers, and we're starting to get repeated customers, they're absolutely great. So, if you have any concerns or you have any questions, the support team is there. And, let us just tell you that you guys will be okay. So, if you're thinking about it, just give it a try you'll be nervous a little bit probably in the beginning.

Roxanne: I was.

Sebastian: Yeah.

Roxanne: I was very nervous.

Sebastian: Camera shy, you know. But, it'll come and it will go with it. But, as far as Next Level itself, they are absolutely wonderful. So.

Roxanne: Very much so. I love the team there, they're very supportive, they're very encouraging.

Sebastian: Absolutely.

Roxanne: And, you know, and I thank them so much.

Sebastian: Absolutely. So, again, you know, just give it a try and you could just follow us or find us, Roxanne and Sebastian, we do couple shows. And just give us an email and a message and we'll answer any questions if you need to. But, just give it a shot and hopefully we'll see you on cam. Bye.

Roxanne: Bye.