Full Video Transcript

Hey everyone, my name is Peaches. I’m just on here to share a little bit about my experience with working with Next Level Modeling. First off, I’m 39. As you can see you don’t have to be young, you can be older, it works for everyone.

It’s been almost a month. When I started out, I kind of just jumped right in. I started streaming and the more I was streaming the more I was able to get noticed, and I started getting regulars and the more I got paid. At that time, I just had my regular webcam on my laptop. However, that first week I went over the quota for me to get the free webcam, but luckily I had already purchased one. My sales did start going up even more.

So far, I can say I’ve had a great experience. My advice would be to stream. Don’t give up, if you’re having a bad day or a bad week, just try different times of the day to find out when you’re regulars or the people that like you, want you, are going to be on streaming. Don’t give up, it’s fun. It was definitely a confidence booster for me. I enjoy making money in my free time. So, if you want some money for vacation, a new bed, pay off some extra bills, I say just hang in there and everything should work for you.

Also, the team at Next Level Modeling is awesome. So, just hang in there.