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Monica: Hi, I'm Monica.

Ethan: And I'm Ethan.

Monica: And, we're from Texas and we've been streaming with Next Level for a few months now. And, it's been, it's been a lot of fun. We, it's really brought us closer together and there's a lot of money involved in, in this thing. And we get to make our own schedule and we get to do a lot of, a lot of marketing for ourselves. And, really the sky's the limit when it comes to working this kind of job, if you can call it a job.

Ethan: And, I love the fact that I get to spend more time at home. I love that we're setting goals and we're accomplishing those goals. You know, we're pushing the boundaries and we're pushing our limits. You know, it's just been really good for us, you know, to be able to work together.

Monica: Yeah, and there are a lot of contests that they offer. And we don't always get listed, we don't always make a spot in the contest, but, we're aiming for that and that's definitely on the list of things that we would like to see throughout our time with Next Level.

Ethan: Definitely. Yeah, we want to be, you know, two of the top performers.

Monica: Absolutely and it can be done. It can be done. These things take time. You know, everybody starts with like four stars and, you know, you can do better. You can get get five stars, or you can get two stars and, it just depends. It depends on how much effort that you put into this. There are, if you're worried about, like your privacy, there are geo restrictions where people in certain places, you can set it to where they can't see you, they can't find you. And that's been a, that's been some piece of mind for us, you know. Outside of our regular jobs, you know, you don't want certain people to be able to see you. And, so Next Level has really thought this thing through and this has been good for us.

Ethan: Yeah, so we're just, you know, looking to make our customers happy and be at our best.

Monica: So, if you're thinking about joining Next Level, then go for it. Go for it. Next Level is where it's at.

Ethan: Definitely.

Monica: Thank you.