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Hi, my name is Lillie. I'm 21, I'm from California and I've been with Next Level Modeling now for about a month. I pull in about $100 a week, so $400 a month and I'm on for about five to ten hours a week depending on how I feel.

I'm a full time college student, I have a full time job, I am married, I run a whole house, so it's nice to be my own boss. One thing that I really, really like about it, is that you control every single penny you make. If you do not make money that week, it is because you don't have the whole thing figured out.

I mean, I never do anything I'm not comfortable with. First things first, I made sure, just draw a line. Like, okay, I'm not gonna do this, so I'm gonna do anything of that, I'm not into this, I'm not into that. And don't let anybody push you past that line. It's like any job, you're going to have people come in and, and be mean for no reason and you have to be the one to step up and block them or kick them out or tell them, "hey look, you need to stop being a butthead".

The support team of Next Level Modeling is A-1. I would say there has not been a time where I felt like there was a miscommunication or I felt like I wasn't backed at all. Which I really, really like. I mean, it's hard to find that in actual nine to five jobs.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone, whether your struggling or you just want something to do on your free time. It's nothing like what you think. So, if you are thinking of it, I would definitely recommend watching the other videos from the other models, as well as logging into the actual website and watching shows. And, even possibly messaging them and asking them their opinions because you're gonna get a different piece of information or a different opinion from anybody you ask.

I mean, the baseline story's the same, but everybody's actual story's different. So, this may not be something that you want to do, but, I mean, I do. I like it. I never thought I was going to like it. I'm shy in real life, I don't do crazy stuff. I don't party at all. So, I mean, that's really all there is to it. If you guys have, any trouble at all, feel free to stay in contact with Next Level Modeling support team or feel free to look for me. My name is Lillie Harvey.