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Hi. I'm Laurynn and I've been working with Next Level Modeling for maybe like eight months, but I have been working as a camgirl for the last five years. So, I have a large variety of experience, I would say.

So, on average, if I was to work about four hours a day I probably could make around $500 a week. But I have worked up to eight hours in a day, and that was more about $1,000 in a week, usually. I have yet to do that with Next Level Modeling, so I think it has more to do with my commitment to camming regularly rather than the site, because I always think that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it, the more regulars that you have. So, you can't really blame the site because there's always people that want to see you. It's just, you have to be there consistently and regularly every single day.

Something that I really love about Next Level though, is that I get paid weekly. And also, since I'm Canadian, there's an exchange. So, I usually make about $25 extra on every $100 that I make. And I get paid every Monday which is super great because if you have another job and then you're like, "oh I'm not going to make it this week, I'm a little short." Do a couple hours camming and boom, you've got some money the next week. And I find that really, really great, especially if it's not your full-time position.

I live on the West Coast of Canada, and I don't seem to get very many Canadian customers, but I, I love, I love them. That was weird. But I, I love webcamming because I think a lot of there's this stigma that it's a lot of like sexual, you know what I mean? Just very like grab and go kind of stuff. And I mean, that is there. However, I feel that a lot of the times, people forget that some people are just kind of looking for connection and maybe, you know, something that they don't feel confident to get in the real world. And I kind of feel like I'm giving a service, like, to people who maybe aren't getting their needs met that need their needs met. I think everybody should have their needs met. So, you know, there's a lot of gentleman that just want to have a conversation with me on a regular basis, and just have someone listen to them and laugh with them and be attentive and present. You know, so, I find that it has like kind of a negative stigma, that it always has to be like sexual things but a lot of the times people just want a companion, companionship. So, I guess that's something that I wanted to say.

I really think that also, like, as you can see right now I have no makeup on. I didn't really do my hair. And I just think that all walks of life, like everybody is going to find somebody beautiful. So, like, don't ever think that you're like, you're not going to make money because of the way that you look or, or because you don't look like somebody else because everybody has a somebody out there and there's preferences. So, like, be confident and go in there, and if people aren't into you, somebody will be, you know. And most of the time, guys don't see us the way that we see ourselves, right?

So, it was definitely a huge confidence booster for me to just be myself and have people enjoy that and pay money to see that, which was definitely empowering, which I encourage for women. So, I guess I hope with this review, it can show you that, like, you can do it. And it's not always what you think it's going to be, and that the convenience and the accessibility and the kind of like chance to be in control of your life a little bit more financially and like, is a confidence thing. I think that camming is 100% for, for anybody. And I hope that this will help you give it a shot and just say, you know what? I could do that, too. So yeah. Thanks for listening.