Full Video Transcript

Hey. I'm Kate from Boston. I just started camming about four weeks ago.

The Next Level Modeling team is awesome. They've been great so far. They're super quick to reply to any emails or questions. They're always sending me messages and stuff about tips and tricks and how to make more money, and just updates and contests.

I actually just heard from my representative on the team that I won the Logitech webcam. So, I've only been doing this for a super short amount of time. Never done anything like this before, and I'm already winning contests. So, that's amazing!

They're definitely here to help. They just want you to feel comfortable, and so far, that's been great with me. They've definitely helped out.

So, my first week, I was a little bit nervous, but I was surprisingly able to get comfortable more quickly than I thought. The people were surprisingly pretty nice and wanting to, ya know, make sure I enjoyed it as much as them, which I thought was cool, just the customers. And I think I only had a handful of people that were a little bit rude, or I just didn't, ya know, I didn't like the way they talked to me. They have a setting where you can actually block them, so they're no longer my problem. They're gone. They can't even contact me. So that was cool. You just don't want to take any shit from anyone. The majority of the people won't even give you that shit, so that's great.

But yea, so, I also have a full-time job. So, I'm only camming, streaming I mean, three days a week for a few hours, and I bring home, just starting out, $400 to $500 a week. That's another thing. You get paid weekly. I was super pumped the first week when I actually got paid. That was awesome. They can do like PayPal, direct deposit, and they're super discreet about it. So, ya know, I had it put in my bank account, and it's not like, ya know, "Cam Girl". They have a clever little nickname, so you don't have to worry about that.

It's helped my sexual confidence, and I love it so far! So, if you're even considering it, I would give it a go. Just put yourself out there. Good luck, loves.