Full Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kat. I'm from California. I started working for Next Level about four weeks ago, I think. Overall, the experience has been really great. I'm a student and I was looking for work from home and something that was flexible where I could work whenever I wanted and Next Level has been perfect for that.

I've actually been doing pretty well. The first week I made over $600 and the second week I worked less time and I made even more money. I think if you're looking for something, like I said, where you can work from home, work whenever you want, work a little bit, work a lot, whatever. Next Level is really awesome.

The team is really helpful, I've had a few questions and they always answer quickly. I even had some criticism and they were open to it, which is great. So, I think you should really try it out. I want to thank the team for everything that they've done to help me.