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Hello, my name is Kaelyn, I'm from Washington. I'm fairly new to this site, Next Level Modeling. I've been with Next Level Modeling for about two and a half months now and for me it has been a pretty good start.

My first week I made about $400 within my first week, which can be a little slow for some people or that can be good for others, it just depends. An average week for me, I work anywhere between an hour to twelve hours per week and I'm averaging about $26 to $27 per hour.

Using this site is very, very easy. You can set your own show, you set your own rates, you can set your privacy settings if you are uncomfortable with certain aspects or certain people seeing you. And it's very, very easy to establish usual customers on the site.

As far as getting help, the team support is very, very helpful if you have any questions, concerns or any problems with the site and they respond very, very quickly. So, if you are willing to put your face out there and have some fun, it is very fun on this site, and I haven't had any complaints or issues with that. But, if you're willing to put yourself out there, and have a little fun, then this might be the thing for you.

It's not for everybody, so, I just want to make that clear. But, otherwise I want to thank you for letting me share my experience with you and hope that you're able to have a good start on Next Level Modeling.