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Kadyn: I'm Kadyn.

Tyler: And I'm Tyler and we've been with Next Level now for about six months.

Kadyn: Yes. And I remember the sign-up process for us was very simple. Everything was done online. We were able to upload all of the documents we needed too and we were approved within a week, and...

Tyler: Yeah, it was really fast.

Kadyn: Yes. And we were making money very quickly. And there is a good, awesome incentive to, to be able to get a free HD Webcam and...

Tyler: Yeah.

Kadyn: We hit that right away and we actually got a free HD webcam that was like sixty bucks?

Tyler: Yeah. It was, it seemed like, I mean we were skeptical because it seems really easy and too good to be true, but it actually wasn't. They, they made it super simple to, to repay you for the webcam.

Kadyn: Yes. And...

Tyler: And, on that note, with the payment options, they, when you do sign up, you can get your direct deposit set up really easy and that for us is really nice. Especially the weekly payments.

Kadyn: Yes.

Tyler: Other cam sites don't necessarily pay you weekly, but with Next Level they do, and that's nice.

Kadyn: Yes. And they also make it very clear what a model makes, so right up front, before you even get started, you'll be able to see the percentage a model can make. And, it's not what you can make, it's what you will make. And you gotta remember that the time you put into this. And, take the information the support team gives you, because a lot of it is very useful and just make it work for your benefit. For us, the emails then send, reminders about contests...

Tyler: Yeah, yeah.

Kadyn: That's great. Checking in if we've taken some time off with our travels. But they definitely check in with you and they're really great to work with, I think.

Tyler: Yeah. And another great thing about this is you can definitely create your own schedule, 100%.

Kadyn: Yes.

Tyler: They, they don't make you, like, they don't force you into any type of schedule and since it's a worldwide thing, you can really can set your own hours, so it's whatever works for you.

Kadyn: Yes, and it's awesome. If you need to do one hour or four hours, it all works pretty easy. I would say the only downside for us, was, with Next Level it was very hard to get into it being male models. There's not a whole lot of information out there for men.

Tyler: Not so much, yeah.

Kadyn: Most of it's geared towards the female model. But, I would say, with the information they have, it was easy for us to kind of find our own way.

Tyler: Yeah.

Kadyn: And with them being our cheerleaders, we were able to adapt pretty quickly. And, I mean now, we're just looking forward to making a lot more money and doing it the easiest way possible and that's with Next Level for us.

Tyler: Yeah, Next Level is, is a really great support for us. They made is super easy and, I look forward to, to streaming with Next Level and working with them for a long time.

Kadyn: Awesome.