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Hi, my name is Julia and I am from California. I have been with Next Level for about a month. When I first started, I started on a Thursday, so for the first week I think I may about $100, $150 in the three day pay period. But I didn't know what I was doing. I had never cammed before, so it was an extremely new process for me. My first three days were really nerve wracking, I used all of the information that Next Level staff and the support team gave me. All the emails I read thoroughly, I watched all the training videos. I really wanted to make sure that if I was going to do something that I was going to do it right.

The second week, I had a little bit more information because I had done all the training videos and read all the emails and I really wanted to get my HD camera. So the second week I made about $600, I think I worked five days that week and I worked about four to six hours each day. You do what you can.

The more I worked, the popular or favorites I got. I noticed that the more favorites that I got, the busier I was and the more money that I was making. So, if you put in the time and you put in the effort, it's definitely worth it.

I love knowing that I'm making money because I'm working hard. I definitely suggest that if you're nervous that's totally normal, I was for sure nervous. Like I said, I had no idea what I was doing, I really didn't have any experience, I just went for it. Another thing that helped me was, I went on to the website and I actually watched a couple of the girls in their own rooms. Kind of just to see what they did and stuff that I wouldn't like doing or stuff that wasn't very interesting. I just kind of took from that. I really took my time to make sure that what I was doing was still me and I was still being myself.

I definitely love it, I think you should give it a shot. It's been an amazing experience like I said. I've been with the company for about a month and it's definitely, definitely worth it. I'm a full-time master student, so getting my master's takes a lot of work. Being able to make my own hours and still make really, really great money is absolutely incredible. What it is even more exciting, is that I am just getting started. I'm excited to see what the next couple of months look like and I think you should give it a shot as well.