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Hi. I'm Jenny, and I wanted to tell you about Next Level Modeling.

I am 60 years old. Yes, you heard that right. And I haven't been with Next Level Modeling for but a couple months, and it's been great. And I just wanted to tell you, if you're on the fence thinking about, do I want to do this or not? I had never even been to a site like this, and it's so much fun. Let your personality come through. Have a fun time. And the, the guys, they're just wonderful. So complimentary. My favorite thing that they say to me is, "how old are you"? I tell them, I'm 60. They go, "no!" So, I have, red lipstick on my teeth. So, the way you don't do that is, you put Vaseline on your teeth, and then you won't have red lipstick on your teeth.

Anyway. So, let your personality come through. Have a fun time, and hey, it doesn't cost anything. So, enjoy. And, and the first contest is a special one, and there's so many contests and so many ways you can make extra money. It's just fun. And guess what? You get to stay at home. What else could you want? You don't have to travel. You don't have to go to a day job. It's wonderful. So, enjoy. Give it a try. You'll really like it. Bye.