Full Video Transcript

Dillon: Hi guys, I'm Dillion.

Hanna: And I'm Hanna.

Dillion: And we're a married couple from Kentucky and we've been with Next Level for five months now, and, we got nothing to say other than it's been really awesome.

Hanna: Yeah, it's been a great experience. Like, we started off doing it just part-time, like just to try it out and see what it was like, and if we could actually like legitimately like money off of it. And, so far, like, I mean, it kinda started off, you know, kinda slow. But, you kinda, you gotta like stick to it, be consistent, and then like after you start to like kinda build your base, like now we're making between like $30 an hour on some nights and then we've gone up to like $40 an hour on other nights. And, there's other times where you just get lucky and sometimes you'll make like 60 bucks and just for an hour of work.

Dillon: Oh yeah, it's just been awesome. Like we're people pleasers and we're entertainers and we have like great hospitality for our guests, I guess it just comes from our background. So, it's like just as long as you're on here and you're like entertaining and just having fun with it, that's how you make your money, like...

Hanna: Yeah, it's not about looks and stuff like that, it's just, it's really about your personality and you wanting to be here and having fun doing it and like making those connections with people. Like, you're gonna meet so many great people on here.

Dillon: Well, it's just that and like the site is so awesome to work on. Because like the interface, all the options on there are so easy to get through, like it took us just a couple of days to get this all set up and going.

Hanna: Yeah.

Dillon: And before you know it, we were streaming like in a day. I mean it was so easy. Um, I...

Hanna: Yeah, that's one of the things I do like. Is I like, like the, the actual like user interface. Like when you sign in to like your site, like on your page, like your dashboard where you can see like how much money you've made so far this week, you can see your ratings, your tags, you can adjust all rates.

Dillon: The amount of hours you actually put in.

Hanna: Yeah, you can see how many hours you put in. And like what your ratio is to like, you know, how much you're paid versus like how much you're online. Like, it's just super easy to use, it's all right there for you.

Dillon: So yeah, it's been nothing but good things so far guys. So, like I said, if you're interested in like good money, working from home like we are...

Hanna: Oh, that's like the greatest part about it, is like working from home and like not having to deal with a boss.

Dillon: Yup, and just...

Hanna: Like not having to go to a job, and like being told like, you have to be there at this time, for this long, and these are your days off. Like you pick your days off, you pick when you're gonna get online. Like, you can like make your own schedule and as long as you stick with it and you're consistent, it can work. Like, that's been the greatest thing, is like being here for the kids while they're at school. Like, if something were to happen, if they got sick at school or something, I don't have to worry about like telling my boss, like, "hey man, you gotta let me go." It's just like, well, I'm my own boss. You know, if my kids are sick, I stay home with them. Like, it's just been great.

Dillon: Be your own boss.

Hanna: It's just been great. Like, I love that freedom. That's the best part about it, is just being your own boss.

Dillon: So, we got nothing else to say about it other than it's been great. So...

Hanna: Yeah, thank you guys for the opportunity. Like, we love it.

Dillon: All right, we'll see you around guys, good luck.

Hanna: All right, thank you.