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Diane: Hello again. I'm Diane, and this is my partner, David.

David: Hello.

Diane: I remember when I told him about Next Level and he was like, "don't do it. It's fake"! And I'm like, "but I've got nothing to lose"! And.

David: Yeah. I think I was not too comfortable with the idea. I didn't want her to go ahead, but she was headstrong.

Diane: Yeah. I was so determined to give this a shot, and now he's happy and I'm happy, and everybody's happy. And we got a better and larger place, and he already signed up and puts in about three hours a week, I think, right?

David: Yeah, yeah.

Diane: I mean, I know that's not very big, but because he has a job, but this just brings in extra cash. And everyone has more time to do the things that we want to do. He has his own time. I have my own time. And we would understand that this, we would understand what this is about and we would trust each other and we know we have to do what we have to do, and it's just perfect.

David: Yeah, yeah.

Diane: And together we make about $2,500 a week. And yeah, we're, we're getting there. So, thank you so much Next Level. Thank you so much Next Level for this great opportunity. I highly recommend it.