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Hello. I'm Diane from California and my friend told me about Next Level Modeling at a time where I really needed something to get me more cash. I had just resigned for, for very personal reasons that I won't share with you guys. And I was just getting frustrated just applying for jobs here and there and getting nothing.

Like most people, I was really skeptical about all of this Internet thing, and I wasn't too sure, but once I started and did the first week, I think I put in about 20 hours for the whole week, and I made about $2,100. And I'm like, "whoa. This is for real"!

I can understand the perception that people would have about this, but I would say that if you're comfortable with it, just go ahead, because in the end, you're doing it for you. I have no regrets at all since I started this. It's been barely four months, and I and my partner just moved into a larger apartment, and things are looking good. Really good for us.

Thank you so much, Next Level. Thank you, Jessica, because you told me about this. No regrets. Thank you so much. Highly, highly recommend it. Thank you.