Full Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Charlotte, I’m 22 years old and I’m from the West Coast. I’ve been streaming on Next Level Modeling since January, so about four months now. And I just wanted to come on here and share my experience with Next Level and first of all just thank them for providing me the opportunity to start this as kind of a part-time job for me and make a little bit of extra side money, which has been really helpful for me.

Originally when I started out, I was actually really scared. I signed up and I didn’t start streaming until about four weeks later. But once I started, I got the hang of it pretty quickly. They’re very helpful in giving you tips, helping you out and showing you what to do and giving you those little tricks and tips to be the most successful model you can be. Now I’m averaging two to $500 a week depending on how much I stream. And the great part about that is that I am actually a full-time student, I’m in school right now, so it’s great to have this job on the side as kind of a little part-time thing to make money.

Of course, being in school it’s very expensive with student debt and all of that. And I plan to go to grade school as well after, so being able to generate a little bit of extra income for that and whatever else that I need financial assistance in in my life has been extremely helpful for me. And not only that, but the schedule flexibility of it, like I said, I’m a student and I have to work around my class schedule. So having the flexibility to stream when I don’t have class, which could be in the morning or at night, or whenever it’s most convenient for me, but not having any set hours which might interfere with my school schedule. And even some weeks if I don’t have time to stream at all, if it’s a busy week for me, it’s totally fine. I can just log on whenever it’s convenient and it’s always here waiting for me, so that’s been great as well.

It’s been a really positive experience for me so far. I’ve generated a lot of regular customers who come back multiple times a week to see me. So, you establish that client base once you get more into it and you start finding people who like you and want to come back and see more. I don’t feel pressured to do anything that I don’t feel comfortable doing. If someone makes me feel uncomfortable, then it’s super easy to block them, kick them out of your room. It’s really up to you, whatever you feel comfortable doing, which is great. The whole experience so far just has been a really positive one for me. I’m really grateful to Next Level for providing this opportunity in my life and I plan on continuing this far down the line.