Full Video Transcript

Hi, guys. My name is Charlotte. I'm from Texas. So, I started webcamming roughly about two months ago. This, I'm pretty new to how everything's going. Honestly, I kind of have like my insecurities, like, oh my gosh, I can't do this. You know, I'm a big girl. Like, this wasn't something for me, but honestly, I like the flexibility of like having my own schedule.

So, I'm a part-time student, and then I do go to work at nights as well, and I just felt like I needed breathing room. So, I'm getting introduced to camming. Honestly, the first month I did not take it seriously. I made probably like $14 in my first week and then I'm like, "I'm calling it quits." "This isn't something that I can do"! But honestly, just this past month, because I wanted to see what I could handle, my goal has been hitting $200 a week, and I think it's feasible.

You make your own schedule, and honestly, you be consistent with about 10 hours, so just when you can outside of your normal schedule, and it's something that can be done. There's little incentives, like you hit $250 possibly and win a free webcam that you can update. You have good quality, like your lighting and the HD, and it's simple things that you can do.

But honestly, webcamming has just opened a new experience to me, and I just like the flexibility that I can do this in my own time, my own privacy, and I really do enjoy it. So, I hope you guys do, too. This could be something new. This could be something you do long-term, but just be yourself and have a good time. Thanks.