Full Video Transcript

Hey, guys.

My name is Callie, and I wanted to share with you some of my experience with Next Level Modeling.

Um, overall it's been a fantastic experience. I've been doing it for a little bit less than four months, and I am twenty-seven. I'm from the northeast part of the country.

So, yeah. Less than four months, and I do it, like, extremely part-time, so I've streamed from an hour a week to up to like thirteen hours a week.

And right now my average is about $35 an hour, with the maximum that I've had so far being $60 an hour.

So, I don't do like crazy, crazy, amounts of hours or anything like that. I do it extremely part time because I already have a full-time career that I do.

So I just do this on the side for some extra money, and since I started I've been able to pay two thousand dollars off of my credit card, which was really weighing me down for a long time.

And initially I started the business because I want to move out of my hometown, and to be able to start my career all over again in a new place, I'm starting from zero, so I wanted to have an income that would allow me to still be able to live and survive when I move out west.

So I love the flexibility, there's absolutely no, like, minimums that I have to meet. Like no requirements, I mean. So if I don't feel like streaming at all in a week, then I just don't.

And it's really awesome, and my first week I worked my butt off to get the free webcam, and it came promptly, you know, I was a little skeptical, I'm like are they really gonna send me a webcam? Are they really gonna pay me every week?

And it's been nothing but truth and honesty ever since day one.

And I've reached out, you know, to ask for advice and encouragement, and they're always very prompt in giving it to me.

So it's really helpful, and ya know I know if I stream more I'll make more money and get more popularity, which could definitely be down the line, but for now, you know, the extra two hundred to three hundred dollars a week that I'm making is amazing.

So, that's been my experience, and I would say it's normal to have fears in the beginning.

I definitely was fearful, it took me like four weeks to even jump in, but you know you just have to be okay putting your face out there, which I'm perfectly fine with it, and there's a lot of privacy settings and stuff so that your privacy is kept and you're safe and everything like that, so there's really nothing to worry about, and it's fun.

You get to do whatever kinds of shows you want to do, you get to say no to whoever and whatever you don't wanna do so you really have full control over your own business, and you can make it as small or as big as you want, so I would encourage you to try it out if you'd like to, and thanks for allowing me to share my experience.