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Hi, everybody. My name is Berkley and I am from Colorado, and I wanted to say how much I love working with Next Level.

To me, the biggest of advantage of camming is the flexibility that I have with my hours. I'm not tied down to a typical 9-5 like most people and I used to work a 9-5 job. And, you know, I wasn't able to travel like I love to do. I wasn't able to choose my own schedule like I'm able to do with Next Level. Right, like, there's a lot of things with having a normal 9-5 job that you're not able to do. So, working for Next Level, I've been able to increase my hours when I was looking to buy my house, so that I could afford it. I had, I had a family emergency that came up, so I was able to decrease my hours, so I'd be able to attend those things and attend to that matter.

And, you know, I really love it, and there's nobody at Next Level that's telling me, you know, that I have to work overtime or I'm not working enough. And it really just fits really well with my schedule, and I get to create it myself. So, it works best for me and for my family as well. And what's cool, too, is if I do choose to travel, like, I can bring my webcam with me. So, it's really, really, really flexible, and I absolutely love it. And, you know, Next Level is really perfect for my life and I can't recommend them enough.