Full Video Transcript

Hello. I'm Benjamin. I started about eight or nine days ago doing webcam modeling for Next Level. I found it to be a much more fun, rewarding, entertaining, and engaging experience than I ever thought, and I'm kind of shocked that I'm making like this kind of money in my bedroom. Just in the first like five or so days of me just streaming a few hours a day, like, I literally had made nearly $1,000, and I got the web cam within a couple of days, and it was sent to me immediately. The company has been great to work for so far. They pay you weekly. I use PayPal, and it's there on Friday. It's instantaneous. It doesn't take long.

Working for them and streaming, like, you're making money from your bedroom and it's very comfortable and much easier to get started than you may think because when the camera comes on, you're in control of everything. You control who you talk to. You control who you engage with. Like, you control like... everything, every element, you're in control and you're in your house or your bedroom, and it's just a familiar environment, so you feel safe. You feel just really at ease and things actually will just come more naturally to you. So, if there's any like reservation or hesitation about getting started, I would say, just start. Just start streaming. Just start talking to people.

Just start engaging and you will be fascinated at how easy it is to just start chatting with people and making money. I love doing it. It's going to be hard to stop doing it because it becomes entertainment for me to just talk to people all over the world about their lives, what's going on. I mean, they're countries, and just learn about different types of people. It's been a fun experience, but the, the money that I've already just seen in a week is, you know, it's so easy to make it that it makes just think like, oh, man, maybe I should just stream all day because money can just come that easily sometimes. So, I would highly recommend it.

Next Level is really easy to work for. They handle support issues so quickly. I would recommend working through them and for them, and they take care of you. They get back to you if you have a question about something, like, even if it's in the middle of the night. Like, the next day, you're going to wake up, the email's going to be there with your answer and what to do. Very easy to work for. Highly recommended. Give it a go. It's a good time.

It's always going to be challenging at first to get over your hesitations and reservations about doing, you know, webcam modeling, but you'll be surprised at how easy it is once it starts rolling and once someone starts talking to you that it feels natural. Just as natural as it is, you know, talking to someone in a bar or in a chatroom or on Facebook or something like that. Like, it's an easy process.

Highly recommended. I've been telling some of my friends about it. It really is true. You can make money in your bedroom. Like, you can like make $1,000 or more like in a few days' time if you put in the effort and engage people, and really just turn the camera on and login and just make an effort. And it's rewarding and I again, I can't recommend it enough. So, thank you. It's Benjamin from Pennsylvania. Have a great day. Catch me online. Bye.