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Hi. I'm Becca, and I'm from Oregon. And I'm just here to talk to you about my experiences with, Next Level Modeling so far. And I have to say, they've been really positive.

I got into this by responding to a Craigslist ad, and honestly I never thought that I would be like successful. I never have thought of my like body as like desirable and so, I always thought like, nobody would be interested in seeing a cam show that I would put on, but, the first day that I got online after having my application approved, I made money. And that to me was amazing.

And so, you know, it starts slow. You have to put the hours in and do the work, but you can be successful, absolutely, doing this.

One thing that I really loved about starting with Next Level was the support team. I would get emails every few days just kind of like cluing me in on things, telling me where to find more information. And that was really valuable to me because it kind of helped me like keep up going online wanting to, go on and, and keep trying these, these things that I was getting more information about. So, the support team is amazing. Amazing with Next Level.

And, you know, everyone wants to know about the money. So, like I said, very first day, I got on, I made money. And my very first full week, I made over $250, and I got the free webcam bonus. So, it's super duper doable.

It's, it's just putting in the hours. That's really it. Like, you don't have to be some blonde, gorgeous, big boob, like perfect ten. You can just be yourself and be friendly and, and be sexy and be flirty, and they'll love you.

So, I have just an absolutely phenomenal experience with Next Level so far, and I would highly recommend trying them out if you are interested in having fun, being on your own schedule, and making some good money.