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Hey ladies! So, my name is Aubrey, and I'm from Delaware. And I've only been doing this camming for a few weeks, and Next Level has been amazing. They will help me all the time in anything I need help with.

My very first week of doing it, and four hours and some odd minutes was my paid time.

I made 400 and some dollars. Now I've been like 10 hours for paid time. $400 for four hours of work? That's pretty awesome.

Like I said, I'm still new to it, but the girls have been great. If I have any questions or anything, they help. It's pretty cool.

So, I got my webcam my first week, which is awesome.

The guys aren't too bad. They're not very rude. There are some you find a little rude and whatnot, but it's definitely worth it.

You do have to put in the time, though, to make the money, but the money is there to me, just, you know, you think of it like, you're their fantasy. And that's what we're doing, the, the fantasy. It's fun, too, for us. Most of the time, we need to get off, too, right?

I really hope this is helpful. Still learning myself, but so far, it's been great. Good luck.