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Hey there, I am Amber and I am from Kentucky and I am here to tell you a little bit about my experience with Next Level Modeling, and well here we go!

I've been doing it now for about two or three months, give or take a few days and it started as a way for me to supplement my income. It's just me, I don't have anybody else and I was working about sixty plus hours a week in my day job and that is my career and I love it.

But unfortunately, in today's economy, that's not necessarily enough to pay the bills. So I looked everywhere I could for a second job or those elusive work at home make hundreds of dollars and nada! And I got emailed on one of the employment sites that I was on to come in and check out Next Level Modeling. So, I went to their website and I checked them out and whim I hit the application and I did the whole process. And it took about maybe two weeks ish, and during that time frame, every what if scenario that I could possibly think of, and I'm very creative. ran through my head; can I do this so, what if this happens, what if that happens and so I was you know and the support team literally every single day and they answered every single question that I could possibly possibly answer.

And never once did they make you feel like you were irritating them or like there were too many questions to be asked or anything to that fact.

And in the two months that I have been with Next Level Modeling, I have been able to more comfortably be able to support myself, take care of some unexpected bills which has been great, and its afforded me a little bit of breathing room. Which is priceless in my book.

And what's even better as it has become part of my relaxation of my evening like my wind down. I come home from you know however many hours I did in my day job and then I come here and I sit down and I get ready to log on and hang out with a whole different set of people. And I have some of the best conversations and meet some of the coolest people, and you know what I have not had a bad experience at all, and it's been great, and I do is incredibly part time, maybe maybe ten hours a week maybe. And in that time frame I'm able to bring home $150, $250 a week in ten hours or less. Which is amazing because if I was doing any other job, there's just no way possible I would be able to meet that.

So, I have loved every experience that I had with them and I see myself staying with this for a very very long time, and I hope that you guys have this say amazing opportunity and experience that I have had.