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Hey, my name is Ali, I live in Florida and I'm originally from Germany if you can hear it.

First, I want to tell you about the negative side of the business. Before I started working for Next Level Modeling, I worked for a different webcam site and they were really exploiting the girls. I was barely making any money. It was very unclear of how much money I made and that kind ruined it for me for a while.

So then after a couple month I found Next level Modeling and I started reading about the bonuses and stuff like that and I thought I'd give it another try because I really enjoyed camming even back then, at the time. So, I read about the $250 bonus for the webcam and I thought I was never going to hit that goal, ever, from my previous experience, like there is no way I'm going to make that much unless I'm a model for months. But I hit it within my first week. I made $270 in my first week of streaming.

So, my next goal was to try to do to get into the slot with the gold shows and I can do gold shows now. And I have been only streaming for about two weeks now, so it's going really great, um the money is legit, everything is legit, and everything is nice, there's a lot of girls on the team that supports you. They give you help if you need it. So it's been it's been an amazing journey and the money there's no complication with payout, anything like that. I really like the room rules which wasn't on the previous website, which protects us a lot, I like those.

So, overall my experience is very positive and I can only recommend doing it because it's legit money, it's fun and yeah there's nothing better to do when you're bored haha. And I love to do it in my free time. You guys have a great day. Bye.