When most people hear the word model, they think of beautiful people with 0% body fat walking the runway in an exotic place wearing clothes that cost more than the family car. So, when an advertisement mentions online modeling as a way to make big money in your spare time - without leaving the comfort of your home, many are intrigued but figure they don’t have what it takes. But then you start thinking, people come in all shapes and sizes, and maybe they are looking for someone like me, so you begin to investigate what online modeling is all about. Soon you realize that these sites have little to do with actual modeling, and the criteria for making it in the biz has more to do with overcoming mental hurdles than anything else.

So, what is online modeling? Its where you have live interactions with someone else via your webcam. Sounds easy enough until you realize that most people won’t pay hundreds of dollars an hour to just chat with you. The buyers expect to get their money’s worth, so taking your clothes off or performing sexual acts might be part of the bargain. This is usually the hardest part for models to overcome. Due to personal beliefs, many people are simply unwilling to be nude or perform sexual acts on camera. However, if this sort of thing does not bother you, then online modeling might be an option for you.

First, the good news. If online modeling is something that you are considering, it is relatively easy and cheap to get going. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a decent web cam. Most people have this available to them already, so there should be little to no start-up costs. Lingerie, props, or toys might be other items you might want to consider purchasing after you get established. Since clients are located across the globe, you can literally work around your current schedule when it is convenient for you.

When you have all these things set up and ready to go, it is time to register with us. Make sure your read all the information about how much and when you get paid, tips for being successful (what clients are usually looking for), and how to set up your profile. If anonymity is a concern, don't worry – you can geo restrict your local location so that members close to you (or wherever you choose) don't see you. That way, you will not have to worry about anyone you know recognizing you.

Practice recording yourself. Find the best camera angle, sound, and lighting that will flatter you. Make eye contact with the camera. Make sure there is nothing showing in the background that you don’t want anyone else seeing, like pictures. Remember, this is a job. Take it as seriously as you would any other job interview. You would not send an introductory video to a company that had your webcam tilted, with bad sound, with a shot of your dirty laundry in the background, would you? Work as much as you can when you first start to try and build a fanbase.

If you can get past performing nude on camera, this is the toughest hurdle you will face, however, once people are willing to take their clothes off, they are usually willing to do about anything, so competition for the audience is sometimes fierce. Good looks do help, but the willingness to be open to experimenting is also very attractive. Some models have carved out a niche for themselves highlighting unique physical features. Some find success with unique props. Find what you are comfortable with and are good at, and use that to your advantage. There is so much free porn out there on the internet, the live interaction they get from you is why they are willing to pay, so make sure you are providing them something they cannot get easily somewhere else. Try to build a rapport with your fans. The best member is a repeat member. Your video quality is key. Make SURE to stream in true HD.

There are additional benefits other than the easy start-up and convenient schedule that online modeling provides. You will not be having any face-to-face contact with anyone. You don’t have to worry about stalkers, because you can block anyone you want. You don’t have to put up with jerks. If someone is being rude, you don’t have to interact with them. If you are good, you can get bonus, tips, and other gifts. Bust most importantly, you are also in a position to make your own rules. You can try and make a go of it without nudity. If you have the personality that people would pay hundreds to talk to, get advice from, hang out with, well then go for it. Being a webcam model could also be a sort of life therapy, allowing you to come out of your shell. If you are normally shy in person, interactions on a webcam can lead to you being more assertive in real life.

The best thing about online modeling is that successful models can make a lot of money. You could pay off your car, buy a house, or pay your school loans. The potential income is limitless as long as you are willing to put some effort and are open to new adventures.