The key to increasing your income as a webcam model is to know how to grow and retain your fan base. As you gain more regular members and fans, you’ll be able to make more money out of the time you work. Every regular member you add to your audience is like giving yourself a raise. You can actually increase your earnings substantially without the need to increase your working time.

There are many things you can do, some obvious and some subtle, that will help you increase your popularity and keep your audience numbers climbing. Below you’ll find plenty of tips to help you do just that!

Choose Your Name Carefully

The display name that you use while online can have an effect on how easy it is for people to find and remember you, as well as how you can promote yourself through other channels (more on that later).

When choosing the name that you’ll use, first you should try to come up with something that is easy to remember. If your name, as it appears online, is complex, like Sarah73Sexy6X, it will be hard for members to remember and find you again. As repeat members will make up a big part of your income, you want to make yourself easy to find when they want to come back for more.

You should also research the name you are considering on some of the popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. The social networks can be a great place to promote yourself and drum up some extra fans. You should make sure that the name you want to use is not already taken on these sites. Again, you want to be easy to find and avoid being confused with anyone else.

Work Your Profile To The Fullest

Once you’ve got your account set up, take full advantage of the profile page. Fill it out completely. Be imaginative, and don’t be shy.

Upload high quality pictures of yourself. Don’t just snap a quick selfie with your phone and put it up as a placeholder. Take the time to get some great shots. Ask a friend to help you if you have to. Use the most attention grabbing picture you have as you main picture and make sure any extras that you upload are clear and good quality. Good pictures can make a tremendous difference in how many people click to enter your room.

Fill out profile information completely. Every little thing you say about yourself has the potential to pull in another paying client. Tell the members about yourself, what you like to do, how you want to make them feel, and how it makes you feel. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty and let them in on any kinky desires or fetishes you might have. Think about terms the members might be punching into the search box when they’re searching for a model to spend their money on.

Create A Steady Schedule

You don’t need to plan out every last minute that you’ll be spending online, but it’s definitely beneficial to have a minimum schedule that your fans can count on.

Part of being found online involves your audience knowing when you are online. If you can stick to a minimum schedule each week, your fans will know when they’ve got the best chance to catch you and, more importantly, spend some of their money on you.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media sites are a great way to interact with your current fans as well as attract new ones. At a minimum, it’s a good idea to set up a profile on Twitter. You should use the same name you’re using for your webcam performances. It’s all about branding yourself. Also, don’t forget to put links your social profiles back to your cam profile.

Twitter is great for sharing up-to-the-minute information. You should make it a point to try to put out at least 1 tweet every day, but more if you can. The more active your profile is, the more chance you have of gaining followers there. You can tweet to let followers know you’re online, or that they should hurry to see you when you’ll be signing off soon. Maybe even send out some of the more interesting things you heard in chat over your last few sessions.

When you’re getting started on Twitter, try looking for the profiles of other webcam models and then follow the people that are following those models. Many of them will follow you back. If you spend 20 or 30 minutes doing this for a few days you’ll have a nice list of followers in no time.

Persistence Pays Off

If you follow through with these tips, you should be able to generate, and constantly grow, a loyal fan base. Once you start promoting yourself, you should start to see some results almost immediately, but don’t expect miraculous results overnight. You’ll need to be persistent and keep it going.

It will be easier to see what is working for you if you keep track of some basic numbers at the beginning and then compare a few weeks later to see how things have improved. In general, results get better as time goes by. As you gain a larger following, your fans start to talk about and promote you too. It’s a sort of snowball effect.

The most important thing is to keep it fun. Promoting yourself is just an extension of your work as a webcam model. Talk about the things you like to talk about and interact with your fans just as you would when you’re on webcam. Let your personality shine through and you’ll be soaring past what you thought was possible in no time.